Madame Munchie | Tropical Jungle | Edible Review

Madame Munchies are establishing a name for cannabis culinary excellence. They’ve perfected 5 flavors of cannabis infused macaroons, providing you with a light & fluffy high all around.

They Won the Cup & They Won my Love

Madame Munchies just took 1st place in the High Times Cannabis Cup with these delicious macaroons, and they’re certainly going to take 1st place with you as well. This company goes beyond their edible with great passion, a true artisan of the craft using only the finest of ingredients. All Madame Munchies products use only organic local ingredients to ensure that everything is of the utmost quality for their patients. The crew at the company consists of artisan bakers, cultivators, and compassionate care givers, we owe them a HUGE thank you for bringing a whole new level to the edible industry!

I’m really excited to try all 5 of their delicious flavors, but let’s focus on their tropical jungle macaroon for a minute. This delicious treat is a perfect blend of tropical flavors & cannabis, providing you with a blissful experience. They use Organic Chocolate Ganache and Fresh Banana Puree in their ingredients to create a unique & original flavor. I’ve never tried an edible that blends more perfectly and provides an all-out exceptional experience compared to this amazing product line by Madame Munchie!



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