Kung Fu Vapes, Cartridge Review

The vape & cartridge side of the cannabis industry has had a strong demand for a quality product since day one. Kung Fu Vapes recognized that demand and set out to raise the standard of quality for a cannabis oil cartridge. Other cartridges are known to leak, or burn off toxic chemicals with the vapor – where-as the KungFuVapes cartridge was designed to be medicinally safe, while also delivering one of the smoothest & strongest hits!

Take a Hit with the Kung Fu Vapes Cartridge!

I first got to try the new cartridge while hanging out at the NW Cannabis Club, in Portland, OR. The CEO of Kung Fu Vapes was in town & stopped by the lounge for a sesh & to show off the game-changing cartridge they’ve produced! Normally I’m not a big fan of cartridges & vape pens, but after getting the run down on this set up I felt comfortable taking a hit, I was definitely NOT disappointed. This was easily the smoothest hitting & best tasting cartridge, it delivered a smooth, powerful hit that tasted like pure terpenes.


The cartridge has a simple & elegant design – the center has a metal heating cylinder running through it, while the outside is medical grade stainless steel & quality glass. A passive chamber allows for the vapor to travel passively through the cartridge without any interruption, providing you with a clean & powerful hit every time. The cartridges utilize Japanese cotton wicking instead of the industry standard “silica wicking”, increasing the flavor profile of the concentrates and the health factor ten fold. Stand out from the competition by utilizing one of these top of the line cartridges for your company.

What REALLY Sets This Apart From Other Cartridges?

Kung Fu Vapes has gone above & beyond developing a new cartridge, they’re constantly on the forefront of innovation. While other cartridges use silica wicks which emit toxic chemicals, Kung Fu was designed to be medically safe. The chamber is not only a sleeker design, but it’s designed for a fully passive chamber, allowing for an noticeably stronger hit every time, in comparison to other cartridges on the market. Overall this innovative design is definitely the wave of the future, providing a safer alternative for those that prefer to vape with a cartridge.